Attend a Presentation

If you are a teacher at a school, church, or other organization I would look forward to teaching your students. I would be happy to go over the presentation in advance with you so you can make sure you want me to present. Just fill out the form on the home page with details on your group and where you are located and we can work out the details on where and when. Even if you are just a parent with a group of kids that want to learn about finances, you are welcome to contact me. I only ask that there are at least five students.

Here is a list of where I will be presenting. Check back often to see if I will be coming near you.

Early College High School            January 21, 22, 2020
Glenn High School                            January 22, 2020
Georgetown High School             January 27, 28, 2020
Round Rock Library                          February 4, 2020
Georgetown High School             February 7, 10, 2020
Vandegrift High School                  March 2, 2020
Round Rock Library                          March 3, 2020
Westwood High School                   March 11, 2020
Georgetown High School                March 12, 2020
Round Rock High School                March 24, 25, 2020
Wilco MRC Pre-Health Webinar        October 8, 2020

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