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Here is an updated version of my book published on 1/1/24, with the description below. It is priced very low at only $4.99 for the paperback and $2.99 for the eBook to encourage everyone to read it. The little profit I receive goes toward the scholarship.

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Do you want your student to succeed financially? Do you want to keep them from living paycheck to paycheck? Do you want your kids to be able to retire someday? Young adults, would you like all of this for yourself?

If so, this is the book for you! This is a financial guide for high school students through young adulthood. It is much easier to do well with money if you start early doing the right things.

This book tells step by step what to be working on at each age.

All parents want their children to be more successful financially than they have been. You want to help them but it is hard to know how to guide them and many times they won’t even listen to you.

I retired ten years ago at the age of 51 and reveal how I did it in the book. I have guided my 22-year-old daughter to enable her to pay for all her college expenses on her own, graduate debt free, and be well on her way to financial success.

The book is written to be read by the student but works just as well if the parents would like to read it and teach their teenager or young adult.

What are you waiting for? Start your student on the path to financial freedom today!

All proceeds from this book will go toward educating young adults about personal finance so they can achieve financial freedom.

Great high school or college graduation present!

Some key topics covered in this book are:

•PSAT, SAT, and ACT tests
•How to earn College Scholarships
•Applying to, visiting, and choosing a college
•Summer jobs and first full-time position
•Advantages of starting to save early
•Saving for retirement
•Compound interest
•Investing in the stock market
•Living below your means
•Credit cards
•Ways to save money

This book starts with high school but has plenty of good advice for your college graduate or young adult.

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